• Radon Testing
    Do you know if Radon is a threat to you or your family? Contact us today if to schedule your radon test. We offer Radon Testing in Kearney Nebraska and surrounding communities.
  • Radon Mitigation
    Did your test come back at unsafe radon level? Our Nebraska Radon Removal team will work with you to bring your home, school, office, church or workplace to safe levels. Our Radon Mitigation company is located in Buffalo County.
  • Your Home
    How many hours per day are you spending in your home? If you have high home radon levels in your home, how do you remove radon? First, give us a call. We are Nebraska's Radon experts. We will find the source of the radon in your home (sump pumps, cracks, crawlspace, etc) and completely seal it so that radon can't get in. Then we'll install the best radon mitigation fan for your home. When radon has a path to exit (via our fan and mitigation system), it will safely be distributed away from your home so your family will be safe.
  • Schools
    Does your Nebraska School have high radon? We can help. Our team will work with your school district to accurately diagnosis the source of the radon, and remove it with as little disruption to your classrooms as possible.
  • Commercial Buildings
    We offer mitigation on commercial properties, like apartment buildings, offices, churches, and more. If you have an office building, have you tested it for radon? Radon doesn't only collect in homes, many older commercial buildings have sources like cracks in the foundation for radon to penetrate. Our goal will be to safely remove the radon from where you live AND work.

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